Kiwis win blade shearing, woolhandling

Reigning national woolhandling champion Joel Henare (at centre table) from Gisborne/Motueka made...
Reigning national woolhandling champion Joel Henare (at centre table) from Gisborne/Motueka made it a threepeat at the Waimate Shears when he beat Milton’s Cheri Peterson (2nd), Alexandra’s Pagan Karauria (front table, 3rd), and Lake Hawea’s Kelly Macdonald (rear table, 4th) to take the open woolhandling title. Photos: Sally Brooker
New Zealand won the transtasman blade shearing test and the New Zealand woolhandling champion won his third consecutive title at the Waimate Shears on Saturday.

The 51st annual two-day shears at the Waimate showgrounds attracted strong entries across its categories, which began with woolhandling at noon on Friday.That culminated on Saturday afternoon with the open section win to Joel Henare, who splits his time between Gisborne and Motueka.

A highlight of the programme was the test between Kiwi blade shearers Tony Dobbs,  of Fairlie, and Allen Gemmell,  of Rangiora, and their Australian rivals Johnathon Dalla and Ken French. The New Zealanders finished 13.63 points ahead.

Kaya Henare (2), from Ohai, was eager to help out after watching her mother, Amber Poihipi,...
Kaya Henare (2), from Ohai, was eager to help out after watching her mother, Amber Poihipi, competing in the woolhandling at the Waimate Shears on Saturday.
In the machine shearing, the open section was won by Invercargill’s Nathan Stratford. The open novice final went to Ethan Pankhurst of Masterton, ahead of local lad Corey Smith.

Waimate Shears organiser Warren White said there was a really good crowd at the Friday night Speed Shears, and he was delighted with the support shown by a large audience throughout Saturday.

This was the second year the shears were held in the purpose-built pavilion constructed in conjunction with the Southern Canterbury A&P Association.

Results: Shearing:International: Transtasman blade shearing (4 sheep): New Zealand 103.882pts (Tony Dobbs 12min 38.36sec, 47.918; Allen Gemmell 13min 29.28sec, 55.964) beat Australia 117.515 (Johnathon Dalla 14min 50.78sec, 54.539; Ken French 15min 54.53sec, 62.9765) by 13.633.

Spring shears: Open final (16 sheep): Nathan Stratford (Invercargill) 17min 38.87se, 56.631, 1; David Buick (Pongaroa) 17min 44.53sec, 58.914, 2; Paerata Abraham (Masterton) 17min 7.81sec, 59.453, 3; Cam Ferguson (Waipawa) 16min 38.63sec, 59.869, 4; Aaron Haynes (Feilding) 17min 50.89sec, 61.7945, 5; Ant Frew (Pleasant Point) 18min 54.62sec, 65.7935, 6.

Open Novice final (10 sheep): Ethan Pankhurst (Masterton) 13min 1.13sec, 45.7565, 1; Corey Smith (Wamate) 12min 45.52sec, 47.076, 2; Corey White (Rakaia) 12min 30.22sec, 47.411, 3; Willy McSkimming (Taumarunui) 13min 12.78sec, 48.739, 4; Phoenix Hawkins (Rakaia) 14min 42.85sec, 50.5425, 5; Jarrod Morgan (Waimate) 15min 29.25sec, 56.1625, 6.

Senior final (8 sheep): Lionel Taumata (Gore) 10min 51.87sec, 39.9685, 1; Jade McGuire-Ratima (Winton) 12min 23.37sec, 41.6685, 2; Alex Smith (Rakaia) 10min 42.2sec, 41.85, 3; Coonor Puha (Kimbolton) 11min 44.07sec, 42.0785, 4; Brandon McGuire-Ratima (Winton) 11min 59.22sec, 42.446, 5; Jordie Grant (Amberley) 13min 11.99sec, 49.055, 6.

Intermediate (5 sheep): John Cherrington (Huntly) 9min 36.97sec, 35.8485, 1; Mitchel Menzies (Ranfurly) 9min 53.67sec, 38.2835, 2; Johnathan Painter (Pahiatua) 11min 59.01sec, 42.3505, 3; Makaira Keane (Timaru), 12min22ec, 43.1, 4; Brayden Clifford (Waikaka) 12min 29.88sec, 43.894, 5; Tyson Crown (Mataura) 11min 57.86sec, 45.093, 6.

Junior final (3 sheep): Henry Mayo (Dorset, England) 8min 38.42sec, 31.2543, 1; Brodie Horrell (Gore) 6min 52.06sec, 32.603, 2; Ryan Kirk (Mataura) 8min 19.34sec, 36.967, 3; Adele Lemercier (France) 7min 52.97sec, 41.6485, 4; Quentin Mathieu (France) 8min 7.92sec, 43.396pt46.3932, 5; Myles White (Waimate) 10min 14.53sec, 6.

Open blades final (4 sheep): Tony Dobbs (Fairlie) 1min 24.56sec, 49.73, 1; Allan Oldfield (Geraldine) 13min 3.41sec, 50.67, 2; Johnathon Dalla (South Australia) 14min 26.05sec, 3; Allen Gemmell (Rangiora) 12min 52.94sec, 52.9, 4; Phil Oldfield (Geraldine) 14min 27.63sec, 53.88, 5; Scott McKay (Christchurch) 12min 53.8sec, 54.69, 6.Intermediate blades (2 sheep): Ken Robertson (Fairlie) 15min 25.72sec, 79.286, 1; Lucie Grancher (France) 21min 24.37sec, 93.7185, 2; Quentin Mathieu (France) 20min 39.67sec, 103.4835, 3.

Woolhandling:Open final: Joel Henare (Gisborne/Motueka) 139.05, 1; Cheri Peterson (Milton) 153.944, 2; Pagan Karauria (Alexandra) 157.274, 3; Kelly Macdonald (Lake Hawea) 174.798, 4.

Senior final: Tyler Hira (Onewhero) 143.88, 1; Maiden Elers (Mataura) 161.662, 2; Natalie Collier (Gore) 215.028, 3; Nova Elers (Mataura) 232.95, 4.

Junior final: Makayla Crawford (Palmerston North) 154.608, 1; Amber Poihipi (Ohai) 170.206, 2; Sarah Davis (Napier) 173.974, 3; Olly Kingi (Timaru) 177.858, 4.

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