Network behind new lobby group

The Hurunui-based Rural Advocacy Network (Ran) group has formed an alliance with Groundswell NZ, a new farmers’ lobby group which began in Southland and Otago.

Groundswell aimed to provide a strong voice on behalf of farmers against freshwater legislation across New Zealand.

Rural Advocacy Network chairman Jamie McFadden said his group fully supported Groundswell in its campaign nationally.

Groundswell NZ had gained traction on the West Coast after a successful speaking tour, during which Mr McFadden spoke about how the Government was implementing a "straightjacket, one-size-fits-all state control" regime, taking away the decision-making abilities of council and communities.

Mr McFadden also offered some additional solutions to the Freshwater and Indigenous National Policy Statements, which he said were unworkable.

"I also talked about how farm environment plans are being used for unprecedented state control over farmers, how the Government has misled them, and about the state of our national farming voice, and why it needs to change."

Groundswell NZ was planning to call for all farmers not to allow anyone from a public agency on to their land to do surveys.

This included for work around significant natural areas and wetlands.

The no-access campaign would continue until there was resolution to issues concerning private property information, through surveys becoming accessible by organisations and the general public.

"This action is also to put pressure on the Government to halt unworkable regulations such as Freshwater and Indigenous Biodiversity," a newsletter from Groundswell NZ says.

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