Connecting with community rewarding

Mischa Clouston
Mischa Clouston
In the final of a five-part series on wellbeing and wellness with a rural focus, Mischa Clouston looks at connecting.

Connection plays an important part in people feeling valued. A simple smile, a letter received, a thank you or an invitation can add to this immensely.

Social relationships, family relationships and personal relationships all rely on connections. If they are encouraging and meaningful, then the likelihood of  a positive outcome increases.

We know this from research that suggests  the wellbeing of individuals is entwined in the wellbeing of their communities.

As communities, we can only benefit from these strengthening relationships and the development of strong social networks.

Talking is as important as listening. To be able to do both will give you and your recipient the ability to feel connected, therefore having a greater outcome on wellbeing.

Here are some tips to help you feel more connected. —

Send a letter or card to bring a smile to the face of someone you haven’t seen in a while.

• Smile at strangers for the sole purpose of giving something positive.

• Volunteer at an organisation which may appreciate your positive presence. 

• Share a good story with a colleague or friend.

• Join a sports team to feel involved and connected.

• Go along and watch a few local sports events or tournaments.

• Attend a field day to meet  other like-minded people.

• Organise a social activity with colleagues at the end of the week.

• Surprise a neighbour with a visit for a cuppa and a chat.

- Mischa Clouston is contracted to DairyNZ’s wellness and wellbeing team, a sheep, beef and deer farmer’s wife, and rural practice nurse in North Otago.

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