Owner fearful after horse clipped by car

Kakanui woman Linda Chalmers comforts her horse, Candice, after it was injured when hit by a car...
Kakanui woman Linda Chalmers comforts her horse, Candice, after it was injured when hit by a car in Kakanui River Rd on Sunday. PHOTO: DANIEL BIRCHFIELD
The owner of a horse injured when it was hit by a car on a Kakanui road says the incident has left her "terrified'' and fearful of walking or riding on the streets of the seaside community.

About 5.30pm on Sunday, Linda Chalmers was leading 11-year-old mare Candice along River Rd, a gravel road that borders the Kakanui River, with the intention of taking her to the beach and riding her home.

However, before she got the opportunity, a white westbound car sped around a left-hand bend towards the pair and one of Ms Chalmer's dogs, who was walking with them.

"I did hear this car belting through ... he was doing at least 60kmh to 70kmh, she said.

"Next thing this car is on the corner on top of us. We had nowhere to go. He slammed the brakes on, locked up and the back end twisted a little bit and he just booted it. The back end clipped my mare's back legs and they went out from under her.''

Candice hit the gravel face-first and panicked as she got up, striking a metal fence standard.

She then somersaulted and partly landed on Ms Chalmers, pinning her legs with her neck. Ms Chalmers was able to free herself without further incident.

The fence standard left a 15cm deep gash in Candice's chest, while her face sustained cuts and grazes.

Ms Chalmers, who has lived in Kakanui for about four weeks, was unscathed, bar a sore leg and neck.

Candice is recovering in a Kakanui paddock.

She said the incident has put her off walking or riding her horse in the area.

"It's terrified me now. This is supposed to be a quiet wee spot where I can walk my animals.''

Sergeant Blair Corlet, of Oamaru, said police were investigating.

  • Constable Rory McGeown, Oamaru police station, (03) 433-1400.


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