Exploring potential of dairy sheep, goats

The Sheep and Goat Dairy Project (SGDP) is to hold a workshop in Invercargill tomorrow to explore the potential for dairy sheep and dairy goats as an alternative income stream for farmers and others along the supply chain.

The national Provincial Growth Fund-funded project was launched in January and will continue until March 2020.

Project leader John Morgan, who is also the manager of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network (Fin) at Lincoln University, said there had been pockets of interest and activity to do with sheep and goat milk in the past.

He said the SGDP intended to hold five workshops throughout the country this month and into May, to bring together people interested in establishing or further developing dairy sheep and dairy goat businesses as well as ''those interested in taking that bucket of milk.''

The workshops' objectives included identifying the milk industry's value chain from consumer to farm supply, as well as markets and processors.

They would also look at what types of high value consumer-ready products could be made with the milk, such as yoghurt, milk and cheese, as well as best practice guidelines.

''We would look at what was needed to ensure the success of any venture in the future,'' he said.

''How do we develop a robust industry and what do we need to do that?

''What are the opportunities, challenges, products, animals and infrastructure required?

''Where are the marketing opportunities?''

He said they intended to ''scan'' several countries to determine possible markets.

The workshop will be held at the Civic Theatre, Tay St, Invercargill tomorrow, from 9am-11.30am.

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