'World-class site' for medicinal cannabis

Working on developing a medicinal cannabis cultivation, research and manufacturing business in...
Working on developing a medicinal cannabis cultivation, research and manufacturing business in Cromwell are (from left) Adam Guskich, Aaron Murphy and Todd McClellan. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Queenstown businessman Aaron Murphy believes an area best known for pinot noir production provides the ideal growing environment for plants of another variety.

Mr Murphy has teamed up with two Australian investors to launch a new medicinal cannabis cultivation, research and manufacturing business near Cromwell.

Medigrowth New Zealand is aiming to market Central Otago-grown cannabinoid medicines to the pharmaceutical industry.

Mr Murphy’s partners are Todd McClellan and Adam Guskic, who founded Medigrowth Australia in 2017.

Mr Murphy said before launching the business, the company was working to help educate local GPs who were being asked by patients to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

“We’ve identified a site for a world-class research and development facility on the outskirts of Cromwell, which we already know is a fertile and fantastic growing region.”

The facility would offer state-of-the-art technology in extraction and manufacturing, cultivation, laboratory services, genetics supply and university-led research.

“There are many opportunities to partner with like-minded businesses in the region and utilise the skill sets of existing horticultural experts to create more local jobs and opportunities.’’

The company had also partnered with medical device and pharmaceutical consultancy Pharmout, which was a specialist in manufacturing practice.

At the outset the business was offering a “seed to solution’’ commitment to New Zealand patients and industry partners, and was working on licensing to cultivate medicinal cannabis and manufacture medicinal cannabis products.


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