‘Priceless’ opportunity

Proceeds from the sale of a southern stud ram are providing meals to New Zealanders facing food insecurities.

Clifton Downs Southdown Stud breeder Chris Medlicott gave the proceeds of the sale of a Southdown stud ram to charity at his on-farm auction in Waimate, in November last year.

The charity, Meat the Need and Feed Out, would use the money to provide nearly 4300 mince and milk meals to 110 foodbanks and community organisations in New Zealand, he said.

He became aware of the charity after Shrimpton Hill Herefords in South Canterbury donated the proceeds from a bull sale.

The sale of the Hereford bull prompted Mr Medlicott to offer a ram at his sale.

"I'm really proud that we produce top-quality New Zealand food, but there are some people in this country who can't afford to eat it.

"We want all New Zealanders eating produce off our farms and that was really the reason for me to donate."

The feeling of being able to provide meals of home-grown protein to those facing food insecurity was "priceless", Mr Medlicott said.


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