The colour of some streams does not bode well

The weather forecast for the weekend does not look promising from the angler’s point of view.

Most streams are running above normal as I write and some are discoloured.

The best-looking bets are the Waipahi and the Waiwera and the chances are the lower Clutha will be fishable.

Even the North and East Otago streams are higher than usual for the time of year and more rain will only increase the flows, but if they are still clear they will be worth fishing.

I was teaching casting on the Taieri at Outram the other day and in the morning it was above normal but relatively clear, but by 1pm it was colouring up and rising steadily.

In the morning it would have been fishable but definitely not in the afternoon.

I was on the Maniototo on Wednesday and there was a lot of water lying in the paddocks and the Taieri was rising steadily so it looks as if it will

be a while before it is in good order for fly fishing in the lower reaches, but spinning should

be worth a go.

Luckily, when I went to the Maniototo I intended to fish the dams and it was a perfect day for fishing them, warm and sunny with a gentle breeze for most of the day. I started at Blakely’s and saw a rise straight away, which was encouraging.

I started at a spot where I have caught quite a few fish over the years and was soon rewarded with a savage take.

The fish did not show for a while but eventually came to the top and revealed its size.

A good start to the day, a rainbow of just under 3kg.

I was fishing a damsel fly nymph on the point and a water boatman on the dropper, the fish took the former.

I persisted with those flies and did cast to one or two rises without response. Midmorning, Otago Fish & Game officer Steve Dixon turned up with 500 trout from the hatchery and tipped them into the water.

The fish were about 15cm long but with the amount of feed in the dam will grow to a takeable size next season and be big fish in two years’ time.

I moved to Rutherfords Dam and within a few minutes hooked a fish. Again on the damsel fly nymph after an aerial display I soon had a perfect fish of 2.75kg in the net.

Steve turned up with another 500 fish and tipped them in.

I went to another spot where I could cover deep water, cast out the nymph and let it sink for a long time, and before I started to retrieve the line drew away and I was into a fish of 2kg.

That tactic worked well so I tried it again and was into another fish which ripped around but came off.

That fish had taken the water boatman.

A great day’s fishing seeing over 1000 trout and catching three beauties.

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