Jordan Luck Band to play at SI Dairy Event

Simon Topham
Simon Topham
The South Island Dairy Event (SIDE) is to be held at the ILT Stadium Southland, Invercargill, in June, and its theme this year is ''Creating Our Tomorrow.''

SIDE is one of the biggest dairy conferences of the year and features keynote speakers and workshops, as well as opportunities for dairy farmers and their teams to learn, network and relax.

In addition, the Jordan Luck Band, lead singer formerly of the Exponents, had been booked to play at the evening dinner.

Event committee chairman Simon Topham, of Hedgehope, said the committee members were quite excited when they heard that particular group was coming.

He said the focus of this year's SIDE would be on sector positivity, celebrating the industry's successes and how to embrace and overcome challenges, as well as being proud of the industry and what its farmers did.

''It is organised by farmers for farmers,'' he said.

One of the speakers is YOLO Farmer, and blogger Wayne Langford, of Takaka.

He said Mr Langford had started a movement, which was about ''enjoying the small things in life and not getting bogged down in the negative'' all the time.

''Hence the philosophy 'You Only Live Once' was born and now the YOLO Farmer is gaining a global following.

''It is about making every day count.

''He is such a positive person.''

Successful business leader Sue Lindsay will be speaking, as will All Blacks mental health coach and sports psychologist Gilbert Enoka, and track paralympian athlete Liam Malone, who competed on running blades.

Successful dairy farmers Ben and Nicky Allomes, of Woodville, and Chelsea Miller, of Grass Roots Media will be hosting workshops.

One of the points of difference for this year's event will be a workshop just for entry-level farm workers.

SIDE committee member Amy Johnson, will be running BrightSIDE, a one afternoon taster session for new entrants to industry to show them what SIDE is all about without having to commit to two days.

''They will have lunch and listen to a keynote speaker as well.''

Mr Topham said the committee decided to keep the number of workshops on offer to about 20, rather than more than 30 that had been available at previous SIDEs.

''We want to keep the content of workshops relevant to farmers.

''We have got a really positive group of people who are enthusiastic farmers.

Early-bird registrations open in mid-March.

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