Tarras effluent site working

Some dairy farmers not complying on effluent disposal.  Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
File photo by Gerard O'Brien.
Otago's newest stock truck effluent disposal site is now open at Tarras for operators transporting livestock by road.

The new site is the ninth in Otago, and is on the right-hand side of State Highway 8 when approaching Tarras from the Lindis Pass. It covers the northern route in and out of Central Otago.

Council general manager operations Gavin Palmer said the site was expected to further reduce stock effluent on roads across Central Otago.

"The benefits of a comprehensive network for stock trucks to safely dispose of effluent go beyond farmers and trucking companies. Untreated effluent, when spilled on our highways, can have significant safety impacts for other road users, as well as polluting the environment when it is washed into local waterways."

The site is open before annual stock moving day on June 1.

“ORC encourages farmers to stand their stock overnight before moving, to reduce effluent on the journey. Trucking companies should have effluent storage tanks installed and plan their journey to make use of the disposal sites around Otago,” Dr Palmer said.


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