‘Couldn’t do an office job’

Alex Bodle
Alex Bodle
At 23, Alex Bodle is passionate about farming and keen to follow her own advice.

"I think a lot of young people rush into a job, before they figure out just what they want to do. They should try heaps of different [farming] jobs and lots of different things rather than jump straight in. It is about finding passion in your work."

Miss Bodle’s family are dairy and wagyu beef farmers at Browns in Southland.

They moved from the North Island when she was 8, and she has spent most of her life involved in farming one way or another, apart from a couple of seasons working in a restaurant in the Coromandel while she was studying at Lincoln University for three years.

She graduated this year with a degree in agri-business and food marketing.

"I have no regrets about going to Lincoln and I had the time of my life. I really love my degree. It is a great degree to have, as it is so broad."

She had planned to go overseas in June but had to put the trip off because of Covid-19.

She has been working for Jason and Debbie Smith on their 747ha sheep and beef property at Waimumu, on the farm as well as driving a tractor and baler for the Smiths’ contracting business.

She had also been fencing, shepherding, crutching, drenching and whatever else was required on the farm.

When she finished with the Smiths, Miss Bodle intended to help her parents on their farm for a couple of weeks before going calf rearing at the end of July.

She is also a trained AI technician and will be doing that during November and December.

She was undecided about what direction she would like her career to go.

"I might look at going dairy farming next season, but am not sure yet. I am a very hands-on person and just like being outdoors.

"I always loved it, I couldn’t do an office job."

If she did not go farming, she would like to be an agricultural representative.


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