Seasonal migration

Photo: John Cosgrove
Photo: John Cosgrove
Motorists take care passing a mob of 200 dairy cows on Lakeside Rd near Kaitangata yesterday morning.

The herd was being moved 13km from its summer grazing at Stirling, to Lovells Flat for winter grazing. Share milkers Tony and Sarah Brock complete the walk every year with their herd as part of the annual Moving Day migration, in which thousands of dairy cows are relocated across the province and New Zealand-wide.

‘‘It’s a good walk for them. It takes us about three and a-half hours, and the same half-dozen cows lead all the way. Then, come springtime, we walk them right back again,’’ Mrs Brock said.


Motorists take care passing a mob of 200 dairy cows? I see in the photo a couple of motor vehicles passing the cows on double yellow lines... Do the same laws apply for motor vehicles passing animals on a road as do to motor vehicles passing motor vehicles on a road, who knows?