Canterbury growers’ voices heard

Canterbury fruit and vegetable growers are the first to delve into HortNZ’s projects, sector support and an important levy at a series of meetings being held across the country.

Grower meetings began at Lincoln last week .

Chief executive Nadine Tunley said the HortNZ team was sharing the organisation’s priorities for the year with growers and hearing their views and ideas.

"It is an opportunity for us to hear first-hand from growers how things are going for them and what support they need.

"We will be providing an update on our various programmes. There will also be information on the renewal of our commodity levy order where growers will get the chance to have their say on the future of HortNZ.

"Some product group leaders will attend the grower meetings, seeking the support of growers for their levy renewals," chairman Barry O’Neil said

"We look forward to hearing from growers about what is going well, what can be improved and how. It’s an opportunity for growers to really understand the value HortNZ adds."


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