Pigs get day in sun at Wyndham Show

Pigs will replace cattle at this year’s Wyndham A&P Show on December 1. Photo: Yvonne O'Hara
Pigs will replace cattle at this year’s Wyndham A&P Show on December 1. Photo: Yvonne O'Hara
Well-behaved pigs will replace the cattle classes at the Wyndham A&P Show on December 1.

Past president Marc Robertson said the show committee had decided to exclude cattle classes because of concerns with Mycoplasma bovis.

He said other small shows had also decided not to include cattle classes because of the same concerns.

"We don’t want to take any risks" Mr Robertson said.

However, Balfour dairy farmers Julia and Stewart Eden have offered to bring 15 to 20 calves plus a few beef yearlings so young people can still demonstrate their grooming, handling and showing skills.

Mr Robertson said the New Zealand Agricultural Show (formerly the Canterbury A&P Show) ran pig competitions.

"I thought about having pigs instead."I got the idea from what they do up in Canterbury with the Lincoln University students and Young Farmers, and it is quite big."

He said people were invited to enter pigs in the Wyndham Show, which were under 9 months of age and well behaved. They had yet to decide who the judge would be, but the animals would be judged on presentation, conformation and handling.

"It can be any sort of pig," he said.

"There will be $500 prize money and there will be a lot of fun."

Mr and Mrs Eden will be supplying about 15 or 20 calves, depending on how many children had registered for the events.

Mrs Eden said they would also bring two or three beef yearlings for "the beef kids".

"Our farm is self-contained, with pedigree beef and dairy, and all our stock is grazed at home, and we have no other cattle coming through the gate," Mrs Eden said.

She said she did not want the children to miss out on the calf-handling and showing experience and it was important to continue to give them the opportunities to be involved in those activities.

In addition to pigs and calves, the Wonky Donkey man, author Craig Smith, will be there and there will be plenty of other  entertainment for the crowds too.


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