Protest to ask for 'fair go' for farmers

''Give us a fair go'' is the message farmers will be asking for when they descend upon Wellington's Civic Square tomorrow afternoon.

The march is being led by the organisation 50 Shades Of Green, and information about how to partake in the protest was circulated to farmers through farm suppliers including Wairere Rams.

50 Shades of Green spokesman Andy Scott said the purpose of the protest was to call the Government out. ''We will communicate that we will not be walked over by a political agenda which shows no regard for genuine community wellbeing or genuine democratic consultation. The rural sector is being excluded from critical policy-making decisions at the same time that anti-farming lobbyists are being ushered in. We deserve a level playing field and a fair go,'' he said.

''We ask for a fair go on emissions, on water regulations, on land use changes and we are asking for a fair go for the sake of our mental health.

''Farmers and their families are being painted as environmental vandals by their own Government. The persistent focus on farming being a problem is perpetuating a groundswell of poor behaviour targeting farmers and even their children by extremist activists, intent on furthering their own agendas.

''This campaign against rural businesses and their families can not be ignored or even worse, given credibility by the Government. Rural families will ultimately pay the price,'' he said.

The protest will begin at 1pm tomorrow.

-By Alice Scott

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