Farming group heads to the city

Young Farmers Otago Southland chairwoman Morgan Ramsay is providing support to a group...
Young Farmers Otago Southland chairwoman Morgan Ramsay is providing support to a group relaunching the Dunedin City Young Farmers Club. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE
The Dunedin City Young Farmers Club is relaunching. Reporter Shawn McAvinue talks to Young Farmers Otago Southland chairwoman Morgan Ramsay, of Balfour.

Q: What is the history of the club?

We are not 100% sure, it’s something we are looking into. We know there was a club because a farmer found an old club banner in their shed up Lee Stream way. I think the Dunedin club slowly moved up the hill to Strath Taieri.

Q: Why did the Dunedin club decide to relaunch?

We had people approach us to relaunch it — such as University of Otago students, rural professionals working in Dunedin, including bankers and Silver Fern Farms staff, as well as people raised on farms who are working outside the agriculture sector in other roles in the city. We’ve been blown away, we’ve had more than 20 people coming to most events and we already have a dozen signed up as members. There’s heaps of potential.

Q: What type of events are being held?

They’ve had an informal meeting and a couple of events including playing lawn bowls in Roslyn and social drinks. They are now getting into their formal monthly meeting structures. Some committee members will be decided at an annual meeting next month.

Q: Can a club with rural roots work in a city?

There are city clubs across New Zealand including Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland — they just work in a different way with a different focus, but still with those rural roots. Young Farmers is about like-minded people coming together.

Q: What is the age limit to be a club member and do you need a rural link?

No, just a common interest in the rural community. The club is open to members between high school leaving age and 31.



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