Taieri couple can stay and seek residency

Harrie and Pawan Chander are able to stay in New Zealand where Mr Chander works for Woodside...
Harrie and Pawan Chander are able to stay in New Zealand where Mr Chander works for Woodside farmer Mark Adam. PHOTO: STEPHEN JAQUIERY
A Taieri couple's future in New Zealand is looking much more certain after they were told they can apply for residency.

Last year, nurse Pawan Chander faced deportation to India after her application for a work visa was declined by Immigration New Zealand, as her husband Harrie's employment as herd manager on a Woodside was deemed "lower skilled''.

Following publicity about the couple's plight, Mrs Chander was granted a 12-month visitor visa to line up with Mr Chander's work visa, which expired this month.

Yesterday, Mr Chander's employer, Mark Adam, said the couple had just been notified that Mr Chander had been granted a five-year work visa, allowing his wife to stay, and they had been told they could apply for residency.

Moving to New Zealand for a better life, Mr Chander worked in the kiwifruit industry before answering Mr Adam's advertisement for a dairy-farm worker.

He came to Woodside with only a small bag and no knowledge of the industry but had a great attitude, Mr Adam said.

The couple wed in India in December 2016 and Mrs Chander moved in August 2017 to Woodside, where Mr Chander has worked for Mr Adam for six years.

Mr Adam said he and the couple were thrilled with the decision. Mr Chander was now deemed to be "higher skilled''.

Mrs Chander had been doing some voluntary work at Taieri Court rest-home in Mosgiel which she had been enjoying.



Some good news is always welcome. People like the Chander's, are a valuable asset where ever they live. We need more like them.

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