'Dairy Tomorrow' is here today

Movement in the ''Dairy Tomorrow'' strategy is in full swing.

The ''Dairy Tomorrow'' strategy is a collaborative effort by the whole dairy sector - with actions and commitments being delivered by farmers, dairy companies, Federated Farmers, DairyNZ, Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand, the Dairy Women's Network and other groups.

DairyNZ strategy and investment leader Bruce Thorrold said everyone in the sector was working hard on ''Dairy Tomorrow''.

The strategy had identified two areas which were scheduled for 2018 - one being about leading efforts to improve the health of rivers and streams.

Mr Thorrold said work was well under way on this, with the co-launch of the The Good Farming Practice Action Plan for Water Quality in June being one of the advancements since the launch of ''Dairy Tomorrow'' last year.

''It's about all of us in the sector putting in place good farm practices.''

The other area identified for competition in 2018 was setting benchmarks and targets for international competitiveness.

Work had been ongoing in this space, looking into other markets such as that of Ireland, Australia, the United States and Netherlands, who were main competitors with the New Zealand dairy export market.

It was also about exploring opportunities in other markets and how we would counteract the decisions of places like China, who were exploring replacing its imports with its own products, he said.

''Dairy Tomorrow'' sets out a strategic vision for what the industry wants to achieve together as a sector over the coming decade and beyond.

The six commitments and 22 goals in the strategy collectively add up to the specific areas the industry wants to make progress on, in order to be trusted and valued, productive and competitive.

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