First-timer scores top price for ram

A big-boned sheep with an excellent head fetched top dollar for a first-time seller at Gore’s annual ram fair.

Knapdale farmer Pete Gardyne was one of many farmers to attend the South Island Premier Ram Fair at the Gore Showgrounds last week.

He decided to try his luck selling two of his Poll Dorset rams at the fair — one, a yearling, was the highest sold Poll Dorset at $3200.

"It ends up being good potential to buy better rams in the future.

The team which worked together to buy and sell the highest selling Poll Dorset ram at the Gore...
The team which worked together to buy and sell the highest selling Poll Dorset ram at the Gore Ram Fair are (from left) Roger Keach, of Roger Keach Livestock in Waihola, Trevor Potter, of Pukerau, who bred the ram, and Pete Gardyne, of Knapdale, who sold the ram. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN
"In current times, when people invest in good genetics, they get a foot in front of other farmers.

"I did consider keeping him, but ended up selling instead."

Poll Dorsets were good for growth and survival and the ram was good because he was massive.

"We had some help from Roger [Keach, of Roger Keach Livestock in Waihola] in selling, since he has many years of selling experience.

"It was a big advantage not having to start from scratch."

Mr Keach bought the ram on behalf of a client in the North Island.

"He looks good on his legs and feet. He has big bones and he has a great head," Mr Keach said.

"My client will be very happy."

The highest overall ram sold was a Perendale, which sold for $13,500.

PGG Wrightson livestock genetics representative Callum McDonald, who assisted in auctioning the rams, said the ram was bought by Annabel Tripp, of Rakaia, and sold by vendor John Henricksen, of Dannevirke.

"The Perendales all sold pretty well.

"The Perendale which sold the highest was judged the people’s choice and was the best of the Perendales.

"It was a very good price, and there was some very spirited bidding when it came to that ram.

"Overall it was a good day for sales."


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