Feed conditions ‘tight’ in South Otago

A farm worker at Lovells Flat, near Milton, carts baleage for cows feeding on a winter green crop. Farmers in South Otago say they are looking at a "pretty tight'' season for winter feed.

Following a summer of unusual near-drought conditions affecting some parts of farms and not others, good pasture conditions in April and May had "rescued'' many farmers' baleage stocks across the region, Waitahuna sheep farmer Min Bain said.

Mr Bain, who helps oversee the annual Lawrence Lions winter feed competition, said brassica yields in this year's contest were also down.

"We've seen yields down across fodder beet, swede and kale this year, with kale worst affected. Direct-drilled swedes have come off better ... perhaps retaining the moisture a bit better.

"I think a lot of farmers will be pretty tight this winter, but we should just about make it through to August.''

Lawrence area farmers will gather at a special prizegiving event and auction hosted by comedian Te Radar, at Simpson Park on June 21.

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