Protesters demand stop to dairy farm development

Protesters tried to storm the office of a Dunedin accountant this afternoon demanding he stop his plans for a large dairy farm development in the Mackenzie Basin.

About 100 environmental activists from Greenpeace and Oil Free Otago were joined by members of the public as they marched up Stuart St to the office of Dunedin accountant Murray Valentine, who plans to build a 4500ha dairy farm at Simon's Pass near Twizel.

Mr Valentine was not in the building and his office in an building on the corner of Smith and Stuart St was locked when the protesters arrived.

A petition calling on him to stop his plans was left at the office.

Earlier on the protesters gathered in the Octagon to denounce the plans which they say will destroy the ecological and environmental habitat of the area.


God you really have to admire these people for taking such action. Lots of older people there too who have see the changes and fear for the future if it all continues.