On tour

Otago Regional Council staff at an effluent tour field day on Inch Clutha are (from left) compliance team leader Mike Cummings, consents team leader Rebecca Jackson, consents planner Brittany Watson, senior consents planner and public inquiries Leah Day and catchment adviser Max Cameron, all of Dunedin.

Ms Jackson said the council had issued 49 consents for animal effluent storage facilities in Otago.

The deadline to apply for a consent to store animal effluent for between 11 days and 40 days was December 4 this year, she said.

"We think there are approximately 470 dairy platforms in Otago, so we are expecting a few more applications."

Effluent facilities with up to 10 days storage should have applied for a consent last year.

"If you don’t have much storage and you don’t have that consent, it is important you come to talk to us and get in an application in quickly."