Deer Industry NZ CEO resigns

Deer Industry New Zealand chief executive Innes Moffat has resigned and is set to depart the organisation in early March.

The Wellingtonian has been working at the organisation for 18 years including four as chief executive.

A statement released last week said in the chief role, he oversaw significant changes and developments, which culminated last year with the organisation refining its industry-led priorities and processes and a recalibration of its team.

As the transformServing as the chief executive and leading a dedicated and hard-working team had been a "privilege and a pleasure" and a massive part of his professional life, he said.ation was now complete, he had decided to make way for a new chief executive and focus on new career opportunities.

"I wish my colleagues, the board and all the amazing people I’ve met in this industry all the very best for their future endeavours."

Board chairwoman Mandy Bell paid tribute to his longtime contribution to the deer industry and thanked him for his loyal service.

The organisation would remain focused on leading industry change and securing better access for deer products in international markets, she said.


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