Lay of the land: 2 November

Initial findings from a four-year research programme by scientists and nutritionists in New Zealand has found pasture-raised red meat has more health benefits than grain-fed red meat and alternative proteins. Shawn McAvinue asks people at the Gore Spring Cattle Sale if they had to serve St Peter a cut of pasture-raised red meat to be considered entry to the Pearly Gates, what would it be and how would they serve it?

Kayla Owen, of Otama: "We are 100% pasture-fed beef at Kyle Hill Highlands. Highland cattle produce amazing meat — beautifully marbled. Yes, they take a while to mature but oh my God, a bit of fillet, medium rare, it just melts in your mouth."

Pete Gardyne, of Knapdale: "A lamb rack or if he wants beef, an eye fillet or tomahawk steak, reverse seared with a bit of a rub on it. I’d make sure it was super prime, and try and get it 400kg on the hook to get the marbling in there — she’s the ticket aye."

Ann Newland, of Gore: "Roast beef served with roast potatoes, parsnip and pumpkin and gravy and mint sauce, which you don’t usually have on beef but I do."

Karen Green, of Waikoikoi: "I’d serve him good-quality mince in homemade hamburgers."

Chantelle Whitmore, of Gore: "You can’t beat a good eye fillet steak, cooked medium rare on a barbecue."

Barry Newland, of Gore: "A silverside served with mustard sauce, carrots and peas and mashed potato."