NZ meat industry pins hopes on India as an export target

Meat exports surged 10%, led by beef, which partially offset the November decline in dairy...
The meat industry has expectations that RCEP will form a platform that will allow New Zealand access to India. Photo by Thomas Bjorkan.

Hopes are running high that India could be the next big thing for New Zealand sheep meat exports if the two countries form closer economic ties.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) involves 16 countries - the 10 members of ASEAN, plus the six countries with which ASEAN has free trade agreements—Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand.

The meat industry has expectations that RCEP will form a platform that will allow New Zealand access to India, which at the moment imposes high tariffs on imported goods.

"My personal view is that India is the next big prize," Tim Ritchie, chief executive of the Meat Industry Association, said.

Ritchie said RCEP could become as important as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) - the free trade agreement involving New Zealand and 10 other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

CPTPP was formed when the US pulled the pin on the Trans-Pacific Partnership in (TPP) in 2017.

"In relation to RCEP, one of the important destinations that we would hope it covers would be India," he told the Herald.

"There is no trade deal at present but RCEP could provide the vehicle to address that," he said.

Ritchie said there were parallels between China - which has been been a huge plus for New Zealand's meat exports a free trade agreement was signed in 2008 - and India.

In just 10 years, China has become the biggest export destination for sheep meat and beef.

Demand in China has been driven by its burgeoning middle class - with millions of people pouring into the wage bracket that can afford to buy New Zealand meat - every year.

The meat industry hopes that a similar dynamic may take place in India , with its big population , rising middle class and with its GDP growth of around 6 to 7 per cent a year.

Strategically, India could become "very, very important," he said.

Invercargill-based Alliance Group, New Zealand's biggest sheep meat exporter, has set its sights on India and has been exporting small amounts of sheep meat since 2012.

Chairman Murray Taggart said Alliance had teamed with with QualityNZ - which is backed by high profile cricketers - Stephen Fleming, Daniel Vettori and Brendan McCullum - to market sheep meat in India.

Quality NZ was formed to foster closer trade ties with India and Taggart said having high profile cricketers on board had helped open doors in cricket-mad India.

Taggart said that with tariffs on landed product of 38 per cent, alliance could only target the very top end of the consumer market.

He has high hopes for RCEP.

"Obviously, we are looking to the trade officials and the Government to do everything they can to progress that," he said.

"We are not suggesting for a minute that this is going to be an overnight gold mine, but I think it is a significant enough opportunity us to tough it out and commit to it for the long haul," he said.

As it stands, only people in the very high wage bracket can afford Alliance products, once high tariffs have been added.

"But obviously over time we expect that to grow," he said.


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