Band entertains at Mt Benger A&P

Entertaining the crowd at the Mt Benger A&P Show on Saturday were local band Ken Telso featuring (from left) Jordan Dance (lead guitar), Georgia Buchan (vocals), Jesse Orchard (drums) and Blaine McGann (bass and vocals), all of Roxburgh.

Mr McGann said the three men had been performing together for several years including opening for Bonnie Tyler at a concert at Gibbston Valley.

They had "been a bit dormant" for a while but when Miss Buchan was invited to perform at the A&P show "she asked us to back up and we thought, `Yeah, why not, a good excuse to play again'."

The band performed spirited interpretations of popular songs including Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing and SIX60's Don't Forget Your Roots.

Teviot Valley was "quite a musical place" with a few open mic nights on offer, Mr McGann said.

The Roxburgh Brass Band was a positive influence, and "those guys do really well".

"Jordan and Jesse, they've both got a lot of family connections in the brass band.

"Jesse actually plays drums for the brass band."

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