Community support for A&P humbling

Adam Glass
Adam Glass
The Methven A&P Association may suffer a financial blow with the cancellation of last weekend’s show but community support has been humbling, president Adam Glass says.

Following the Government announcement to limit public gatherings due to Covid-19 concerns, organisers pulled the pin on the show, just days out from their 106th annual event.

“Obviously, we are gutted.”

There has been a lot of work and effort done by a lot of people to get ready for the show, he said.

But he was particularly thankful to the trades and sponsors who had chosen to leave entry money in, as a way to support the association and keep it afloat.

Businesses have also taken to running online auctions with show product going under the hammer to raise money for the association.

‘‘It’s really quite humbling,” he said.

The A&P association runs other events during the year to help pay some bills but also to raise the profile of farming, or to raise money for community groups and individuals. They include an on-farm heifer competition, the annual wheat growing competition and the gift lamb auction featuring lambs donated from farmers around the district.

Money from the auction, which went ahead albeit in another form, also supports local services, organisations and tertiary education scholarships.

Mr Glass said the popular primary school Spud in a Bucket competition also went ahead as usual, which was good news for the hundreds of pupils at local area schools.

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