B+LNZ appointments

Southland farmer Murray Donald is the new chairman of the Beef + Lamb New Zealand directors’ independent remuneration committee.

B+LNZ board chairwoman Kate Acland said Mr Donald was a respected figure in the sector with 25 years’ experience developing his beef and lamb farming operation in the Waianiwa district.

"As a board and a larger organisation, we are really pleased to welcome Murray aboard. His deep-rooted passion for the sector is clear, and he has expressed desire to contribute back to an industry that has given him many opportunities over the years," she said.

The board also welcomed new committee members Sarah von Dadelszen and Simon Davies.

“Both von Dadelszen and Davies have experience in governance roles, making them well-equipped to take on this new responsibility.”

In its dedication to transparency and collaboration with farmers, the board made the decision to reinstate the committee earlier this year, she said.

The primary goal of the committee was to conduct an independent evaluation of Beef + Lamb directors' remuneration.

The committee would recommend any director remuneration adjustments to the board after conducting a comprehensive review.

Any adjustments would require farmer approval, as stated in the Beef + Lamb constitution at the annual meeting.

"This is a crucial task these three individuals have taken on. Their recommendations will help farmers make informed decisions about directors’ remuneration, taking into account their time, effort and market insights."

The maximum term for the chair and the two members was three years.


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