New barn technology made for New Zealand conditions

New Zealand farmers can now access industry-leading barn construction technology, with increased airflow making it perfect for year-round livestock shelter.
For the first time, the Australian-designed, curved-roof Ridgeback™ barn is now available in New Zealand through shed company ProSpec Structures.

Entegra Dairy Shed

The Ridgeback™ features a concave roof and is available from Prospec Structures

The barn, developed by regional Victorian family business Entegra, has been popular with Australian dairy and beef farmers – including housing cattle for quarantine in the Northern Territory.

Entegra director and sales specialist Charles McCalman said the Ridgeback’s™ innovation has been a drawcard for Australian farmers.

“There’s been a lot of excitement around the design – especially how it optimises natural ventilation – it is progressive technology and famers want to be at the forefront of their industry,” he said.

“It’s especially attractive for any farmer that’s serious about animal health and welfare, with some adding fans to their Ridgeback™ to further enhance the ventilation to ensure the best level of livestock comfort in all weather conditions.”

The Ridgeback™ barn includes:
- A concave curved roof – delivering state of the art style.
- Patented ventilation technology – reducing the need for costly mechanical airflow.
- Research demonstrating at least 20 per cent more air changes per hour inside a Ridgeback™.
- Hot-dipped galvanised trusses – for durability and a smart appearance.
- Customisation options – altered to suit your business.

Demand for the Ridgeback™ in Australia is increasing, with eight barns operating throughout the country and more on the way.

Charles said the heightened interest in Ridgeback™ barns stems from its design flexibility, it can be altered to suit local conditions and specific farm requirements.

For example, a Ridgeback™ is ideal for compost barns because the increased air exchanges ensure the compost remains dry.

Contrasting weather conditions across New Zealand make the Ridgeback™ ideal for farmers wanting to protect their livestock, but also construct a barn to suit their specific needs according to ProSpec Structures Director Nathan Stewart.

“With a Ridgeback™ there’s the opportunity to change the direction and amount of airflow exchanges through the barn,” he said.

“There’s more flexibility in the Ridgeback™ design which means it can be used in the wet areas and the dry humid regions.”

Nathan said the Ridgeback™ was perfect for those considering a compost barn as it provides comfortable conditions for livestock year-round and ensures the microbes in the compost bedding stay healthy, limiting wastage.

“The biggest benefits are environmental and having control over your farming operation,” he said. “Yes, it’s a big outlay initially, but an investment in a barn is investment in your future and a sustainable, cost-effective business.”

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