Grazing advice heeded

Southland Regional Council’s chief executive has praised the Government for taking on advice for proposed intensive winter grazing regulations.

Environment Southland councillors had their first meeting for the month yesterday, albeit via video call.

Chief executive Rob Phillips noted while his report to councillors was written before consultation on the Government’s proposed intensive winter grazing regulations opened, he was pleased to see the Southland Advisory Group’s advice had been heeded.

“It’s been really successful in getting the message across.”

It was an acknowledgement of the work farmers had been doing in the South, he said.

“There’s been a big shift around wintering.”

He clarified that by saying goals had not been achieved yet, but there had been a significant improvement in how it was done.

“We’re getting better outcomes in terms of less sediment loss, which is the name of the game going forward, of course.”

The advisory group focused its recommendations on improving water quality while addressing the concerns related to pugging, resowing dates, mean slope, and subsurface drains. Its report was presented to ministers in December 2020.

Environment Southland would make a submission on the regulations in due course.

Amendments to the permitted activity conditions included removing the date for resowing and changing it to as soon as practical, as well as removing specifics on pugging.


Why is this labour Government hell bent on destroying the core business that has kept nz afloat since day dot.
Come on Jacinda, how about some real labour policy, and not all this delusional Greens policy.
We wonder why everything is becoming exspensive in this country.
Peices of paper , that seem to cost us business owners ,thousands. But let's just pass it on to the consumer