Care packages to bolster local farmers' wellbeing

Wyndham Young Farmers member Allesha Ballard holds up a couple of care packages she put together...
Wyndham Young Farmers member Allesha Ballard holds up a couple of care packages she put together for farmers in the district. Photo: Supplied
A desire to look after farmers' mental and physical wellbeing has prompted the distribution of care packages in the Wyndham area.

Wyndham Young Farmers member and publicity officer Allesha Ballard is the brains behind the operation. She said she wanted to do something for the hard-working farmers in the community.

Now for the third year, the club has distributed care packages to farmers.

''I wanted to give something to the farmers that work really hard during the spring,'' she said.

Eighteen care packages had been made up and each included liquid breakfasts, pasta, coffee and other items which could be consumed on the run.

Also included were two home-made heat-and-eat meals, so farmers could grab a healthy meal out of the freezer, Miss Ballard said.

''It's just a little thing to remind them to keep in mind their wellbeing and keep healthy.''

The care packages also included tips and tricks on maintaining good mental health over the spring.

''Just giving them a bit of a helping hand as it's a busy time,'' Miss Ballard said.

While Miss Ballard wore the apron and made up the meals, the Wyndham Young Farmers Club funded all the items for the packages.

The club would be looking to do the care packages every year, she said.

If farmers are struggling, help and support are available by calling one of the following agencies:

Rural Support Trust: 0800787-254

Samaritans: 0800726-666

Depression helpline: 0800111-757

Lifeline: 0800543-354 or by visiting


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