A good day’s work

The Teviot Valley Water Care group recently established native plantings to reduce the amount of phosphate entering the Cave Creek catchment through soil run-off.

The group planted on three properties in the Knobby’s Range area, in East Roxburgh. They were helped by members of NZ Landcare Trust and Westpac Watercare project. Teviot Valley Water Care Group (TVWCG) received $10,000 from the two groups to establish the plants.

The farmers involved in the project explained to Westpac employees and other Water Care members what measures had already been taken. They then split into three groups to plant on three farms in the area, meeting up afterwards for a barbecue.

TVWCG co-ordinator Deirdre Perkins said the day went really well and the planting was completed before a southerly rolled in.

"We are hoping that these relatively simple and inexpensive measures will then be able to be transferred to other sub catchments in our Valley," Mrs Perkins said.