$18,800 sale a record-breaker

Penvose Angus rising 2-year-old bull Penvose 22116 sold for $18,800 in the Maniototo. Photos:...
Penvose Angus rising 2-year-old bull Penvose 22116 sold for $18,800 in the Maniototo. Photos: supplied
A good clearance rate is more important than the price paid at a bull sale, a Maniototo breeder says.

A rising 2-year-old bull sold for the top price of $18,800 at the Penvose Angus 39th annual sale in Wedderburn this month.

The price tag for Penvose 22116 was the most paid for a beef bull at a sale in the South up to May 26.

No commercial or stud bull had fetched a higher price in the history of the sale.

Penvose Angus co-owner Graeme Duncan said the bull was the progeny of dam Penvose 18421, which was artificially inseminated with semen from United States sire Deer Valley Wall Street.

The stud had been using the sire’s semen since 2020.

"We’ve had a lot of success."

Penvose 22116 was the "complete package" and his traits include thickness, balance and a great temperament.

The stud usually offers 30 bulls but some potential buyers went home empty-handed last year so they offered 41 bulls this year and 38 sold.

An aim was to sell as many bulls as required, rather than limit supply and chase high prices.

"Our main goal is to get the bulls out there working at a realistic price."

Penvose 22116 sold to commercial farming and fattening operation New Zealand Pastures, which bought four bulls at the sale.

Andrew Hore, of Stonehenge Station, paid $16,500 for commercial bull Penvose 22230, the second highest price at the sale.

Glendhu Genetics Shorthorn Cattle Stud owner Fraser Fletcher said he was "very happy" with his sixth annual bull sale in Heriot last week.

The top price of $18,500 for Glendhu Reiko 236 was a record in the history of the sale.

"He has outstanding phenotype and genotype."

Bay of Islands stud Longview Shorthorns bought the bull.

Prior to the sale, the Australian semen rights for the rising 2-year-old bull were sold to one of Australia’s largest shorthorn studs, Sprys Shorthorn and Angus in Wagga Wagga.

He declined to share the price paid for the Australian semen rights.

Longview Shorthorns had the rights to sell semen from Glendhu Reiko 236 in New Zealand.

Farmers were putting shorthorn bulls over angus and Hereford cows for the hybrid vigour and to improve intramuscular fat and carcass traits.

"People are getting really good results."

Selling semen rights in Australia was a "real coup" for the Shorthorn breed in New Zealand, he said.

"To get offshore interest in him demonstrates the type of bull people are trying to use."

Southern bull sale results*

Puketoi Angus in Patearoa on May 16.

Sold 16 of 19. Average $5900. Top $9000.

Glenwood Angus on the Taieri on May 16.

Sold 12 of 14, Average $6566. Top $10,000.

Glendhu Genetics Shorthorn Cattle Stud rising 2-year-old bull Glendhu Reiko 236 sold for $18,500...
Glendhu Genetics Shorthorn Cattle Stud rising 2-year-old bull Glendhu Reiko 236 sold for $18,500 in West Otago.
Loch Lomond South Devon on the Taieri on May 16.

Sold 2 of 4. Average $5650. Top $6800.

Penvose Angus in Wedderburn on May 17.

Sold 38 of 41. Average $7542. Top $18,800.

Taiaroa Charolais in Paerau on May 20.

Sold 22 of 24, Average $5809. Top $9200.

Kincardine Angus in Queenstown on May 20.

Sold 15 of 16. Average $7933. Top $15,000.

Glendhu Shorthorn in Heriot on May 21.

Sold 12 of 14. Average $6958. Top $18,500.

Delmont Angus in Clinton on May 21.

Sold 27 of 30. Average $7746. Top $12,200.

Leafland Simmental in North Taieri on May 22.

Sold 13 of 17. Average $7307. Top $13,000.

Beresford Simmental in Ōwaka on May 22.

Sold 11 of 15. Average $6100. Top $12,250.

Hill Valley Simmental in Millers Flat in May 23.

Sold 8 of 9. Average $6000. Top $7000.

Glenside Simmentals in Waitahuna on May 23.

Sold 10 of 13. Average $6700. Top $15,500.

Stoneburn Polled Hereford and Angus in Palmerston on May 24.

Hereford: Sold 14 of 16. Average $5700. Top $11,000.

Angus. Sold 21 of 21. Average $6482. Top $9000.

Foulden Hill in Middlemarch on May 24.

Hereford: Sold 7 of 14. Top $5000.

Santa Gertrudis: Sold 2 of 3. Top $4000.

Braford: Sold 1 of 2. Top $4000. 

* Sales to May 24