Lay of the land

Reporter Shawn McAvinue attended Southern Field Days on Wednesday and asked people what they loved about the event.

Dairy farmer Amy Gouldthorpe, of Tapanui. ... "It is nice to see what other people are doing and talking to sales reps to find out what’s new on the market."

Cattle grazier Corey Beams, of Dacre ... "I love seeing the new technology and the local crafts. And the community is all here, right? It is bloody crazy."

Awarua Synergy exhibitor Jackie Bragg, of Bluff ... "This is my first time. It’s a great atmosphere and there’s lots of things to look at — I love it."

Dairy farmer Julia Muir, of Wyndham ... "It is great that everything is all here together, if you have questions and need information."

Semi-retired sheep and beef farmer Russell Gray, of Blackmount ... "For me it is seeing all the new machinery and a chance of picking up a bargain."

Latitude Homes exhibitor Tony McFadgen, of Dunedin ... "Being able to talk to rural people in person, rather than over the phone or email."