Top bulls, confidence making for good sales

John Duffy
John Duffy
Quality bulls and confidence in the beef industry is resulting in good clearances at sales in the South, agents say.

PGG Wrightson Otago livestock manager John Duffy said the quality of bulls on offer in Otago this season had been "very high" so far.

"That’s why we’ve been getting such good clearances. The buyers have been turning up and they’ve been as impressed with the first pen of the day as they have with the last pen of the day."

About a decade ago, the quality of the bulls would drop away quickly in a catalogue, or lacked any data to show their level of quality.

Now there was data and quality throughout a catalogue.

"The stud guys are doing a hell of a good job."

The more than 20 bull sales in Otago started with a joint sale at Glenwood Angus and Loch Lomond South Devon in Lawrence on May 19 and concludes at Fossil Creek Angus in North Otago on June 16.

Good prices paid for beef by meat-processing companies had farmers investing in good genetics in their herds, resulting in good average prices at bull sales in Otago this year.

The good clearance rate showed a high level of confidence in the beef industry, he said.

Many people were buying more than one bull at the sales.

Top commercial bulls were selling for between $10,000 and $15,000.

"People are prepared to pay good money for premium bulls."

The most paid for a bull this season in Otago was $81,000 at the Kincardine Angus on-farm sale in the Wakatipu Basin.

"There’s been plenty of interest shown from stud buyers."

Bulls had been bought from sales in Otago from studs across New Zealand, he said.

PGG Wrightson Southland livestock manager Andrew Martin said the first bull sale held in Southland this year was a combined sale of Waiau Herefords, Pourakino Herefords, Pikoburn Angus and Wainuka South Devons in the Hauroko Valley on June 1.

The bull sale season in Southland concluded at Waikaka Genetics in Eastern Southland the next day.

"There was good bulls on offer and keen interest from good-size crowds. We are pretty happy with the way the sales have gone."



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