Subscriber benefits

Subscriber benefits

There is nothing like getting up in the morning and being able to pop out to the letterbox in your pyjamas to get your ODT, then sitting down with breakfast and a freshly brewed coffee and catching up on all the news, sport and entertainment before starting your day.

Welcome to the Otago Daily Times. We have been the independent voice of the south for 155 years and dedicated to delivering up-to-date local, national and International news to our readers.

As a locally owned newspaper we are continuing to report on the stories which really matter to the south, and as a community we are able to help make a real difference by bringing issues to light.

There are a number of benefits that come with being an ODT subscriber other than the huge savings and free* home delivery:

Never miss an issue

As a subscriber you will never miss out on your morning ODT fix – even when you are on holiday**.

Save up to a massive 55% on retail pricing
As a subscriber you save over 50% on the cost of the Otago Daily Times compared to if your were purchasing casually.

Delivery right to your home
Free* delivery six days a week.

Free redirections
If you are holidaying in an area covered by our delivery team, as a subscriber, you can have your newspaper redirected** to you at no additional cost. If you are going further afield, even internationally, you can still get your daily dose of the Otago Daily Times by signing up to our digital edition.

Free access to the digital edition
The digital edition is an exact replica of the print edition which you can access anywhere in the world via a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. Subscribers can get access to the digital edition for no additional cost. Alternatively, a digital only subscription is available.

Redelivery of wet or damaged newspapers
If your newspaper arrives wet, damaged, or for some reason it doesn't arrive at all, call our circulation team prior to 9am and your newspaper will be redelivered or credited. Conditions do apply

Choose a payment method that suits you
Decide how you want to pay. Direct debit, pre pay, email billing or paying by invoice in arrears are all options. Pricing differs depending on the payment method you choose.

Local team to answer your calls 7 days a week
We have a dedicated team based locally who can answer all your circulation, subscription and delivery questions. They can help with new subscriptions, stops, starts and redirections, Gift subscriptions, payments, address any delivery issues and answer any other enquiries you have.

Alternatively you can choose to manage your subscription on line or via email to

Exclusive subscriber only deals and competitions
As a subscriber you will be eligible for exclusive deals and competitions only open to our subscribers. Keep an eye out for these deals in the ODT.

To speak to our circulation team call 03 479 3555 or check out our frequently asked questions.

Monday – Friday    24 hours per day.
Saturday                  Midnight – 2pm
Sunday                     4pm – midnight

*delivery charges apply for rural post deliveries.
** Some exclusions may apply.