Revenue for polytech up

Otago Polytechnic has had a boost to its coffers from more enrolments.

Revenue and the net surplus for 2020 up to the end of July are both above budget by more than $1.2million.

As Covid-19 prompts some people to retrain or consider different career options, the polytechnic has 400 more students than it was expecting.

“Otago Polytechnic has witnessed a significant rise in enrolments recently, which has led to revenue being above budget and a favourable variance in our net surplus,’’ chief executive Megan Gibbons said.

The introduction of the Government’s Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund had resulted in a rise in enrolments.

“We are around 7% above budgeted numbers for domestic equivalent full-time students for 2020.

“This is largely due to increased demand for primary sector programmes, including horticulture and apiculture, as well as for construction programmes.’’

The Auckland international campus has had challenging circumstances because of New Zealand’s closed border, but programmes have been expanded at the Dunedin and Central Otago campuses.


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