Ashburton wool growers top sale

Fine merino wool from Ashburton topped the South Island wool sale. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
Fine merino wool from Ashburton topped the South Island wool sale. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
The feature of the South Island wool sale on Thursday was the sale of a small amount of merino wool offered by Rata Peaks Station, Ashburton, CP Wool spokesman Roger Fuller said.

The wool created heated demand from exporters. A line of merino hogget 17.7 micron reached 3104c clean and 1900c greasy.

''This was on the back of the Australian market reaching highs not seen for many years.''

The Rata Peaks Station wool exceeded Australian price levels.

Overall, the sale created good demand from exporters for sound, good-colour crossbred fleece, he said.

A good offering of lambs wool created strong competition, especially in staple length of 75mm and longer and finer than 30.5 micron.

A range of prices. -

Roy Partnership (Otago), crossbred AA, 43 bales, 37.8 micron, 75.7% yield, 416c clean, 315c greasy; Islay Downs (Otago), Perendale, 52 bales, 35.6 micron, 75.3% yield, 414c clean, 312c greasy; Scott Cannington Ltd (South Canterbury), crossbred two-tooth, 12 bales, 39.9 micron, 84.6% yield, 406c clean, 344c greasy; Mt Watkins Ltd (Otago), crossbred second shear, 30 bales, 35.9 micron, 79.9% yield, 404c clean, 323c greasy; M & J Smith (Darfield) crossbred lambs AA, four bales, 29.3% micron, 78.4% yield, 467c clean, 366c greasy; Benmore Graziers (Darfield), Perendale lambs, 12 bales, 30.2 micron, 84.6% yield, 436c clean, 360 greasy; Cairnhill Ltd (Omakau) crossbred lamb, seven bales, 27.8 micron, 81.2% yield, 481c clean, 391c greasy; W J Stevenson Family Trust (Otago), crossbred lamb, six bales, 33.3 micron, 75.1% yield, 407c clean, 306c greasy; Shipley Farming (Greendale), fine Corriedale, 11 bales, 26.6 micron, 66.4% yield, 989c clean, 657 greasy; Rata Peaks (Ashburton), merino, six bales, 19 micron, 59.7% yield, 2244c clean, 1350 greasy; Rata Peaks, merino, three bales, 17.4 micron, 60.5% yield, 2743c clean, 1660 greasy; Rata Peaks, merino, three bales, 17.7 micron, 61.2% yield, 3104c clean, 1900c greasy; Rata Peaks, merino, five bales, 18.3 micron, 63.3% yield, 2748c clean, 1740c greasy.

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