Queensland bikies lodge High Court challenge

A High Court challenge to Queensland's controversial anti-bikie laws is being lodged in Brisbane.

The United Motorcycle Council (UMC), which represents 17 Queensland clubs, is behind the challenge being lodged on Wednesday and taking aim at the most contentious aspects of the laws.

Hells Angels member Stefan Kuczborski is the public face of the challenge, which will argue the laws are an attack on personal freedom and undermine the power of the judiciary.

The laws, introduced in October, impose mandatory prison sentences on gang members, and restrict their ability to meet in public.

Jailed bikies are also forced to serve their time in solitary confinement and wear pink jumpsuits.

The laws also ban bikies from working in a range of industries, and make it a crime for three or more patched members to gather in public.

The High Court challenge will contest the retrospective nature of the laws, which apply to any Queenslander who has ever been a motorcycle club member.

Thousands of Rebels bikies around the world were asked to chip in $50 each for a $500,000 fighting fund to pay for the challenge.

Mr Baffsky, Mr Kuczborski and UMC spokesman Mick Kosenko are due to hold a press conference at noon (AEST).

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