University of Otago graduands

About 310 people will graduate in person from the University of Otago, with qualifications in education, teaching and pharmacy, in a ceremony at the Regent Theatre at 3pm today.

More than 60 other people will graduate in absentia.


Doctor of philosophy

Gabrielle Joanna Hine; Rohit Jain.

Bachelor of arts and bachelor of teaching

Lyndsay Jade Patten, bachelor of teaching (endorsed primary education); Rebecca Jean Seque, bachelor of teaching (endorsed primary education); Sylvie Jane Marie Unkovich-McNab, bachelor of teaching (endorsed primary education).

Bachelor of science and graduate diploma teaching

Sarah Rae Yardley, graduate diploma in teaching, secondary education.

Bachelor of education

Dana Louise Bond; Wendy Jane Clarke.

Bachelor of education studies and graduate diploma in education and teaching

Kirsty Jayne Andrews, bachelor, education studies (endorsed physical education), graduate diploma, education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Josie Emma Braithwaite, bachelor education studies (endorsed physical education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Amy Myra Brown, bachelor education studies (endorsed physical education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Sanne Josephina Joanna Coppus, bachelor education studies (endorsed ESOL), graduate diploma, education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Jack Anthony Gavin, bachelor education studies (endorsed physical education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Richard David Goodson, bachelor education studies (endorsed social studies education); graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Holly Diane Grant, bachelor education studies (endorsed physical education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Alyssa Nicole Houston, bachelor education studies (endorsed health education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Kylie Margaret Hoyle, bachelor education studies (endorsed health education), graduate diploma, education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Thomas Stephen Robert Leeper, bachelor education studies (endorsed music education), graduate diploma, education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Rachael Amy McCrorie, bachelor education studies (endorsed social studies education), graduate diploma, education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Lauren Jenna McPhee, bachelor education studies (endorsed social studies education); graduate diploma, education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Kate McLeod Mason, bachelor education studies (endorsed health education), graduate diploma, education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Bridget Natalie Paddon, bachelor education studies (endorsed social studies education, graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Danielle Elizabeth Sim, bachelor education studies (endorsed mathematics education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Alice Margaret Simmers, bachelor education studies (endorsed social studies education; graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Rebekah-Jane Maria Stoop, bachelor education studies (endorsed health education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education); Brad Matthew Taylor, bachelor education studies (endorsed physical education), graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education).

Bachelor of education studies

Raymond John Hanson (endorsed social studies education).

Bachelor of teaching and diploma for graduates

Aynsley Bronwyn Newbitt Moore, bachelor of teaching (endorsed primary education), diploma for graduates (endorsed education).

Bachelor of teaching

Claire Margaret Alderton (endorsed primary education); Katie Margaret Allan (endorsed primary education); Katie Rennee Baird (endorsed early childhood education); Crystal-Lee Banks (endorsed primary education); Amy Elizabeth Bathgate (endorsed primary education); Glen Michael Beadle (endorsed primary education); Rowan James Beadle (endorsed primary education); Emma Mary Bell (endorsed primary education); Michael Horrell Black (endorsed primary education); Rachel Lianna Blois (endorsed primary education); Rosa Lorna Briant (endorsed primary education); Anna Ruth Broad (endorsed primary education); Katie Louise Brooks (endorsed primary education); Rachel Ann Brown (endorsed primary education); Shannon Leigh Buchanan (endorsed primary education); Keri Leigh Burton (endorsed primary education); Janette Diane Campbell (endorsed early childhood education); Laura Jane Carruthers (endorsed primary education); Katherine Amy Christie (endorsed primary education); Rachel Grace Stuart Cooke (endorsed primary education); Joanna Leigh Coombes (endorsed early childhood education); Anna Elizabeth Cottrell (endorsed primary education); Renee Elizabeth Cox (endorsed primary education); Megan Jan Day (endorsed primary education); Jessica Margaret Esther Dick (endorsed early childhood education); Brooke Donner (endorsed early childhood education); Jaron Patrick Drozdzak (endorsed primary education); Amy Sherrie Dunbar (endorsed primary education); Jessica Kate Dyer (endorsed primary education); Renae Joy Edwards (endorsed early childhood education); Nicola Tracy Fairbairn (endorsed early childhood education); Morgan Hendrika Finlayson (endorsed primary education); Rose Emily Finnie (endorsed early childhood education); Clare Megan Flintoff (endorsed early childhood education); Glenn Richmond Fordham (endorsed primary education); Shereena Marie Glennie (endorsed early childhood education); Matthew Kenneth Golden (endorsed primary education); Charlotte Maree Gollan (endorsed primary education); Clare Louise Gow (endorsed primary education); Nicole Kate Grant (endorsed early childhood education); Tessa Leigh Gray (endorsed early childhood education); Rachel Elizabeth Guy (endorsed early childhood education); Annabelle Penny Hay (endorsed primary education); Kerri-Ann Hannah Herbert (endorsed early childhood education); Emily Maisie Hesson (endorsed primary education); Anya Rose Hillier (endorsed early childhood education); Claire Elizabeth Hodges (endorsed early childhood education); Kate Marie Hutton (endorsed primary education); Charlotte Frances Innes (endorsed early childhood education); Amy Louise Janssen (endorsed early childhood education); Claire Rose Jeffrey (endorsed primary education); Alannah Marama Johnson (endorsed primary education); Tessa Mary Jowett (endorsed primary education); Maria Michelle Kent (endorsed early childhood education); Hannah Jane King (endorsed primary education); Jason Robert Kinnaird (endorsed primary education); Erin Amanda Lane (endorsed primary education); Staci Therese May Lind (endorsed early childhood education); Lee-Ann Carmen Lyttle (endorsed primary education); Matthew John McCormick (endorsed primary education); Nicole Lisa McGregor (endorsed primary education); Caitlin Nicole McIvor (endorsed primary education); Jamie Carl McKenzie (endorsed primary education); Rebecca Jane McMillan (endorsed primary education); Stephanie Rose Mann-O'Malley (endorsed primary education); Amy Helen Martin (endorsed primary education); Rosie Ranjeshni Melrose (endorsed early childhood education); Shane Stephen Melrose (endorsed primary education); Philippa Ann Milburn (endorsed early childhood education); Thomas James Moore (endorsed primary education); Jacinda Elizabeth Munro (endorsed primary education); John Julius Nicolson (endorsed primary education); Ashley Sarah Norgate (endorsed early childhood education); Bridget Lydia O'Leary (endorsed primary education); Neli Rhiannon Watcyn Padgett (endorsed primary education); Laura Nicole Paine (endorsed primary education); Joanna Maree Passmore (endorsed primary education); Annabelle Paterson (endorsed primary education); Bridget Anne Patrick (endorsed primary education); Annalese Marie Patterson (endorsed primary education); Hannah Ruth Price (endorsed primary education); Harlee Thomas Price (endorsed primary education); Steven James Richmond (endorsed primary education); Catherine Elizabeth McGregor Robertson (endorsed early childhood education); Grace Margaret Ruddenklau (endorsed primary education); Megan Anna-Marie Rutschmann (endorsed primary education); Nadia Kate Shirley (endorsed early childhood education); Rebecca Frances Skerman (endorsed primary education); Lucy Jane Somerhayes (endorsed primary education); Gina-Marie Ann Stefani (endorsed early childhood education); Victoria Anna Stephen (endorsed primary education); Lara Jane Stevens (endorsed primary education); Emily Kate Stocker (endorsed primary education); Ashley Imogen Stott (endorsed primary education); Jenna Louise Suckling (endorsed early childhood education); Andrew John Sutton (endorsed primary education); Morgan Louise Tangney (endorsed primary education); Katee June Thomas (endorsed early childhood education); Aneka Margaret Thomson (endorsed primary education); Thomas John Undy (endorsed primary education); Samantha Lexie Van Buuren (endorsed primary education); Rachel Margaret van den Ende (endorsed early childhood education); Shelley Marie Walker (endorsed primary education); Jessica Rose-Marie Ward (endorsed primary education); Maree Alice Wilson (endorsed early childhood education); Sarah Robyn Wiseman (endorsed primary education); Sandra Bronwyn Ruddenklau Wylie (endorsed early childhood education); Lisa Yorke (endorsed primary education).

Bachelor of pharmacy

Samira Hassan Ahmed; Jin Young Ahn, distinction; Nagham Jeries Fuad Ailabouni, credit; Farina Ali, credit; Lucy Bonnie Armstrong, credit; Shirley Au, distinction; Ji Eun Bag; Amy Joan Bodington, credit; Andrew Robert Brown; Abby Larissa Calder, credit; Madeleine Michelle Carleton; Yin-Yin Chan, credit; Shuo Chen; Tzu-Yang Chen, credit; Jie Ning Choong, credit; Martin Christensen, credit; Loren Jane Collett, credit; Jessica Emilie de Lambert, credit; Jennifer Elisabeth Dodd, credit; Hayley Rebecca Dowdle, credit; Ashleigh Jade Eaden, credit; Ahmad Imran Fauzi; David Fu, credit; Rowena Jer Wei Fu, credit; Lauren Margaret Giles, distinction; Alicia Li Shi Goh, distinction; Raksha Romila Goundar, credit; Anna-Marie Greig, credit; Samuel Mark Gundersen, credit; Xinxin Han, credit; Larissa Jane Heaslip, credit; Andrew James Hickey; Brooke Judith Bays Hines, credit; Natasha Jane Inkster, credit; Vimbainashe Clarine Jakopo; Aelim Jeon; Annie Joe; Elizabeth Kim; Jaehun Kim; Ju Yea Kim; Timothy Seho Kim; Emily Mei Tin Lai; Jong Min Lee; Tao-Fan Lee; Courtney Ann Lewis, credit; Wai Yan Grace Li, distinction; Ben Chi-Bin Liu; Chih-Hou Liu; Samuel Paul Loevendie; George Christopher Logan, credit; Mandy Ma, distinction; Rebekah Joy McDonald, credit; Brooke Jane Marshall, credit; Xinyuan Mei; Joseph Mikhail; Sadia Mirza, credit; Zeinaba Haji Mohamed, credit; Zinet Haji Mohamed, credit; Elaine Ruvimbo Muteyaunga; Donald Ming Ping Ngu; Hongda Nie, credit; Reica Shoshanna O'Connell, credit; Tara Nikki Officer, credit; Kerry Louise Oldfield, credit; Soputhik Pan; Cameron James Parker, credit; Isabelle Catherine Parkin, credit; Kuntal Patel; Judith Fernah Peacey, credit; Kate Mary Perniskie; Alicia Mei Phibbs; Hannah Grace Bridget Power, credit; Thomas Boyd Prebble, credit; Richard Neil Prentice, distinction; Sarah Anne Russell, distinction; Wen-Hsin Shen, credit; Alastair Shum, credit; Audrey Kaiyan Shum, credit; Louisa Ann Wen Fei Siaw, credit; Erica Christie Simpson, credit; Corrinne Maree Smit; Michaela Margaret Jorna Smith, credit; Sarah Jayne Southby, credit; Teresa Chee Yee Tay, credit; Benjamin Boon Hian Teo; Kai Zong Teo; Yung Lin Ting; Daren Tiu, credit; Adelina Mariska Tjandrawidjaja, distinction; Alise Sophia Van Elswijk, credit; Hung Duc Vu; Lich Thanh Vu; Cassandra Rhonda Walker; Sarah Lee Walker, distinction; Timothy James Walker; Jing Wang, credit; Weiyu Wen; Michelle Karen Whyte, distinction; Catherine Anne Lih Lian Wong, credit; Deborah Shih Han Wong, credit; Gladys Wui Eng Wong, credit; Weng Ken Yong; Su Jeong Yoo, credit; Christopher Young; Seung Wan Yu; Shun-Jei Yu; Shuyi Zhang, credit; Wenxin Zheng, credit; Yang Zheng, credit.

Postgraduate diploma in teaching

Nicola Linda Brown, credit; Esmay Grace Sutherland (endorsed information and communication technology), credit.

Graduate diploma in teaching

Ruth Leigh Allott, secondary education; Michael James Bangma, secondary education; Kimberley Faith Beckett, secondary education; Michael Gregory John Bishop, secondary education; Isabel Maria Boek, secondary education; Mathew Peter Boylson-Doyle, secondary education; Marek Kirk O'Meagher Brewster, secondary education; Nicole Anita Brown, secondary education; Anne Marie Burton, secondary education; Ryan Gerard Caldwell, secondary education; Andrew Owen Chadwick, secondary education; Bennett Sihao Cheong, secondary education; Jenna Chrysler, secondary education; Katherine Marian Coghlan, secondary education; Maggie Jane Crooks, secondary education; Katherine Mary Curran, secondary education; Hana Louise Fahy, secondary education; Samuel Peter Fielding, secondary education; Susan May Galloway, secondary education; Dawn Patricia Ganaha, secondary education; Beth Talmage Goodwin, secondary education; Joanna Elizabeth Graham, secondary education; Lisa Margaret Grant, secondary education; Kate Louise Harvey, secondary education; Emily Jane Henry, secondary education; Daniel Allan Hermann, secondary education; Pratik Prakash Jethwa, secondary education; Angela Victoria Juergensen, secondary education; Emma Frances Kean, secondary education; Fiona Jane Eva Lee, secondary education; James William McFelin, secondary education; Margaret Allison Pearl McGarry, secondary education; Bonnie Elaine Mager, secondary education; Katherine Dawn Miller, secondary education; Asho Mills, secondary education; Mahia Rose Minogue Harrison, secondary education; Emma Kate Moore, secondary education; Drew Christian Earl Nesbit, secondary education; Kevin Paul Odgers, secondary education; Rowan William Oswald, secondary education; Lisa Margaret Perniskie, secondary education; Megan Kate Phillips, secondary education; Georgette Marian Philp, secondary education; Mallory Tangye Redhead, secondary education; Lisa Maree Rooney, secondary education; Ashlee Jayne Ross, secondary education; Daniel Mark Santure, secondary education; Christina Kathryn Sayer, secondary education; Elizabeth Mai Schroder, secondary education; Rachel Constance Skinner, secondary education; Hannah Elizabeth Smeaton, secondary education; Nicholas John Henry Sullivan, secondary education; Oliver Jackson Surline, secondary education; Rachel Gay Tideman, secondary education; Simon John Treloar Tregonning, secondary education; Joanna Fay Wallace, secondary education; Li Wang, secondary education; Jean Marie Wilson, secondary education; Katie Amanda Wilson, secondary education.

Graduate diploma in education and teaching

Kelsey Rae Brocklebank (endorsed primary education); Emily Grace Joy (endorsed primary education); Sarah-Lee Mitchell (endorsed primary education).

Postgraduate diploma in clinical pharmacy

Lisa Jean Kremer, distinction.

Graduate diploma in bioethics and health law

Kate Marie Chesney, credit.


Doctor of philosophy

Naomi Ingram; Yao-Ting Ko; Scott Weng Fai Lee.

Bachelor of commerce

Jean-Paul Faisandier.

Master of tourism

Tupe Tagomoa-Isara, distinction.

Bachelor of education studies and graduate diploma in education and teaching

Katia Rose Shields, bachelor education studies (endorsed drama education); graduate diploma education, teaching (endorsed primary education).

Bachelor of teaching

Luisa Petrona Gonzalez Abadie (endorsed primary education); Airini Marama Hamahona (endorsed primary education); Jessica Andrea Story (endorsed primary education); Timothy David Thorstensen (endorsed primary education).

Bachelor of education (teaching)

Stacey Deborah Green, early childhood education.

Bachelor of pharmacy

Chaoshen Chen, credit.

Postgraduate diploma in teaching

Alicia Jane Sheridan.

Postgraduate diploma in education (teaching)

Jodie Lee Howard, credit; Penelope Edith Mary Pask, distinction.

Graduate diploma in teaching

Danika Rochelle Beattie, secondary education; Alana Dawn Collins, secondary education; Alan Robert Coop, secondary education; Jennifer Alison Davis, secondary education;Elliott Alastair Johnston, secondary education; Chloe Punatahi McDonald-Nairn, secondary education; Stefan Reussenzehn, secondary education; Jillian Gay Spencer, secondary education; Erin Jane Spillane, secondary education; Michael Wesseling, secondary education; Ryan Bennet Westgate, secondary education; Marie Kathleen Worth, secondary education.

Postgraduate diploma in tertiary teaching

Francisco Chia Cua; Belinda Jane Lawrence.

Postgraduate diploma in clinical pharmacy

Chia Eng Chong, distinction; Laura Jean Clunie, distinction; Paul Graeme Dobson, distinction; Ivana Jovicic, distinction; Johanna Kirsten Lim, distinction; Linda Doris McCracken (nee Moore), credit; Leanna Elizabeth Peachey, distinction; Kristen Lee Penny, distinction; Whiter Churn Tang, distinction; Kirsha Jan Wood, credit; Adam Scott Wright-St Clair, credit; Daniel James Yip, distinction.

Postgraduate certificate in teaching

Kirsty Maree McLachlan.

Postgraduate certificate in tertiary teaching

Jonathan Edgar Cornwall; Linda Anne Dunn; Ruwani Kumari Fernando; Karen Elizabeth Hore (endorsed clinical teaching);Ying-Chih Hsu (endorsed clinical teaching); Ben Hudson (endorsed clinical teaching); Richard Stewart Jaine; Gwynneth Helen Paterson; Janine Toni Stevens.

Postgraduate certificate in pharmacy

Angela Dawn Blackwood (endorsed medicines management); Tracey Lenore Borrie (endorsed medicines management); Rebecca Kate Dean (endorsed medicines management); Kwee Hoon Goh (endorsed medicines management); Lisa Jean Haden (endorsed medicines management); Daniel Shiferaw Jemberie (endorsed medicines management); Nachiket Sanjay Joshi (endorsed medicines management); Kan Kaneko; Janice Siew Yen Lee (endorsed medicines management); Nicole Marie McLean (endorsed medicines management); Nicola Ellen Seto (endorsed medicines management); Philippa Kathryn Stevenson (endorsed medicines management); Catherine Louise Street (endorsed medicines management); Jacqui Lynnette Walker (endorsed medicines management); Elizabeth Suk Keen Yee (endorsed medicines management).



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