Real-life investigation complex: pathologist

Prof Faridah Mohd Nor
Prof Faridah Mohd Nor. Photo: Christine O'Connor
Visiting Malaysian forensic pathologist Faridah Mohd Nor enjoys crime scene television shows, but knows that real world forensic science is often more challenging.

Prof Faridah is a professor of forensic pathology at the University Kebangsan Malaysia.

She is visiting Dunedin this week and giving talks to students taking a forensic biology paper at the University of Otago’s latest summer school.

She will also give a public lecture titled ‘‘Death Investigation: Forensic Cases in Malaysia’’, at the university's St David lecture theatre at 5.30pm today.

American CSI-type television shows gave valuable insights into forensic science, and she hoped this publicity would lead to more people training to become specialised forensic investigators.

‘‘Worldwide we have a shortage of forensic experts,’’ she said.

Previously, forensic investigation had been ‘‘a very confined world’’.

‘‘People didn’t know about it until the CSI shows,’’ she said.

In real life, cases were often more difficult to solve than on television.

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