Car park out during quake strengthening

Heavy duty props and ties have been placed along the north wall of the Dunedin City Council's...
Heavy duty props and ties have been placed along the north wall of the Dunedin City Council's Lower Moray Pl car park. The upper storey of the building houses the Ministry of Education. PHOTO: GERARD O'BRIEN
A central Dunedin car parking building will be out of action for more than a year while the council carries out almost $6 million of earthquake strengthening.

The Dunedin City Council building in Moray Pl, which also houses the city’s Ministry of Education office, was constructed less than 20 years ago and has been found to be between 15% and 20% of new building standard for earthquake strength.

A city council spokesman said the building met the requirements of the time when it was built, but amendments to the building code meant strengthening was required.

A detailed seismic assessment carried out in April 2021 found the building had a new building standard rating of between 15% and 20%, which classified it as earthquake prone.

The work would bring it above 70% of the new building standard.

"It is important to note that although the building is classified as earthquake prone, this does not mean it is dangerous."

There were 56 parks affected by the upgrade, which included 14 leaseholder spaces and 42 casual parking spaces.

The cost was unconfirmed but expected to be $5.8 million, the spokesman said.

Ministry of Education corporate group manager Rob Campbell said the ministry had an agreement with the landlord, the Dunedin City Council, to remediate the building, the target for completion being March next year.

"Our staff have moved to a temporary location while the building is being remediated."

The car park will be closed from March.