DCC to consider new rules for e-scooters

Lime e-scooters have been operating in Dunedin since last year. Photo: James Hall
Lime e-scooters have been operating in Dunedin since last year. Photo: James Hall

Dunedin could soon require e-scooter companies to hold permits and follow a code of practice similar to the one in place in Auckland.

On Monday, Dunedin city councillors will review the city’s mobile trading and temporary stall bylaw, which could introduce rules for safety, areas of operation, curfews, speed, maintenance and e-scooter numbers.

Rental scheme operators, including e-scooter companies, do not need permits or licences to operate ‘‘and the council and the public have safety concerns related to some of these operations’’, a report going to the council reads.

Under the proposed new rules, e-scooter companies would be required to provide the council with a plan that shows how they would provide ‘‘a safe and efficient rental scheme’’.

Safety performance information would be required to be reported to the council, but also the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The code of practice could also include a requirement for companies to inform users about ‘‘good use behaviour’’.

The proposed bylaw, designed to ensure public trading in the city makes "public places more safe, lively and attractive without inhibiting the safety and efficiency of pedestrian movement", has been recommended for consultation.


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Where is the MOU that Bidrose signed, again a waste of space and not fit for purpose, needs to go. This is not enough, too late and again not at the right level Dunedin is not a state it is part of the bigger NZ and the DCC should act like it is and not introduce confusion, This is a NZ wide process and not a by law, think about visitors to Dunedin. Look at the Closure of the Octagon a total disaster, the spineless Mayor will not stand up and has closed ranks on talks about it. If I had a dog I'd not trust the majority of those Councilors to look after it yet they are experimenting with Dunedin, the place looks like a junk yard. Stand up Mr Mayor and do you job and answer the people you work for, and make sure you speak with Mana and open your mouth when you speak and not mumble like you do.

Get Vandervis to do something about it Rtn2Dun. Hes your man a real go getter, dosen't let anyyhing stand in his way. Results, results, RESULTS is what Vandervis is all about.

And that greenie you call a mayor is better? .... lol, get a clue, I'm surprised the odt let's your comments through, mind you they are biased towards the guy.

Kezza, Again you are hearing it but fail to understand, Take a step back and look at the bigger picture, its a total joke or look at it this way, I've see the same company different branches meant to have the same processes but they are completely different because one person in authority thought they didn't;t need steps A, B and C with out knowing the bigger picture, they look the same on the outside but when you dig down to do an audit there is huge differences and problems - Like the T-shirt same same but different, What next will they have one set of rules for North Dunedin and another set for South Dunedin, then another for Mornington. Get it ? How about if Dunedin changed to drive on the Right hand side and when you got past the Gardens or the Airport you cross over to drive on the left like the rest of NZ. Dumb aye, is the picture becoming clear? As they say maybe you should go to spec savers.

Either run for Council yourself or get Vandervis to do something about it.
Other than that there is nothing you can do.
Where is that massive list of Vandervis success stories he single handedly actioned in the Council I have repeatly asked for? Such a man of action and working with people and the community must have an extensive list. If he hasn't he is a wasted vote.

'Kezza" Instead of copy&pasting your replies perhaps try thinking up new ones.

"Dunedin could soon require e-scooter companies to hold permits and follow a code of practice similar to the one in place in Auckland".
How about the dcc follow a code of practice towards their ratepayers, that would serve better than some toothless scooter 'bylaw'.

Run for council or get Vandervis the man of action to get it done.

I get the distinct impression someone here isn't so keen on Lee Vandervis. I can smell the discord from here! It's okay Kezza, we understand.

A heap of people go on that he is the answer to Dunedin. How? He gets nothing done, he treats people like crap, he has no support to get things done.
It is illogical that he can deliver but hailed as the saviour???

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