Shoring up the seawall

A Dunedin City Council contractor completes routine maintenance replenishing and adjusting the rock revetment on the eastern side of the seawall at St Clair Beach yesterday.

Council coastal specialist Raphael Krier-Mariani said more boulders would be positioned in front of the seawall to replace the ones that had moved or broken down over time. It would cost about $290,000 to have the work done and it will come from existing budgets, Mr Krier-Mariani said.

Some restrictions to beach access would be required at times, he said.

"The work will ensure the seawall continues to be protected from powerful ocean swells, and will take place between low and mid-tide over about three weeks".

Mr Krier-Mariani said there would also be about 500m of sand sausages or Geobags added to the toe of the dunes near Moana Rd.

The work would begin on April 18 and would be completed by the end of July.

It would also be carried out between low and mid-tide and require some beach access restrictions in the area.

"The Geobags will help stabilise the sand dunes that protect Kettle Park landfill while long-term remediation options are being developed for this contaminated site," Mr Krier-Mariani said.