Entrepreneurship programme award

The University of Otago's master of entrepreneurship programme has leapt to the top of the class by winning the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Programme Abroad section in an international competition.

The award was ''lifting our international profile'', Prof Sylvie Chetty, leader of the Otago Business School's Centre for Entrepreneurship, said yesterday. The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship made the award earlier this month at its annual conference in San Francisco.

The Otago programme and the University of Queens in Belfast, Ireland, were the finalists.

Prof Chetty said the win was ''really good'' for Otago University, the school and centre, and was also helping put Dunedin ''on the map''. The award was also well-earned recognition for Prof Brendan Gray and his team who had worked to develop the programme to its ''current excellent level'', she said.

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