Harley heads out on the highway

Harley was quite comfortable sitting in the driver's seat of this custom-built V8 trike. Photo by...
Harley was quite comfortable sitting in the driver's seat of this custom-built V8 trike. Photo by Samantha McPherson

A weekend that revolved around motorbikes is one Harley Shuttleworth will not forget.

Harley has been fighting bilateral Wilms tumours for two years. The tumours, on his kidneys, have grown back twice this year and his body can no longer handle surgery and intensive rounds of chemotherapy.

It has been decided palliative care is Harley's best option.

Harley's mother, Melissa, sought Star readers' help to create some happy memories for her son, and several Dunedin motorbike enthusiasts answered the call.

Harley's face lit up when he saw a 1989 Yamaha FZR 400R, a 2005 Suzuki GN250 and a 2010 Harley Davidson Road King waiting for him on Saturday. He walked straight over to the Road King and told owner Garry McLennan it was his ''favourite bike''.

Mr McLennan gave Harley a jacket, his own helmet and a ''lucky'' scarf to wear before he took Harley for a ride around Green Island.

''That boy has got taste. He kept saying `fast, fast, fast'. The look on his face when he saw the bikes just made it so worthwhile. He really enjoyed it. We will be organising something else for him, so watch this space,'' Mr McLennan said.

Mr McLennan, along with Anthony Stones-Haig and Slade Miller gave Harley two mini model motorbikes to keep at the end of his ride. Harley also enjoyed revving Mr Stones-Haig's and Mr Miller's bikes.

The excitement continued on Sunday when Paul Barron picked up Harley and took him for a cruise on the back of his custom-built V8 trike - from Halfway Bush, around town, out to St Clair and back.

Mr Barron said Harley, equipped with his own helmet and sunglasses, enjoyed sitting in the driver's seat.

''He walked around the trike when I arrived and his face lit up. He absolutely loved it.''

Ms Shuttleworth said the look on Harley's face was ''priceless''.

''He enjoyed both rides a lot and talked about it for the rest of the day. He was so excited. Thank you for bringing so much joy to Harley's life. It is something we will treasure for a long time,'' she said.


- by Samantha McPherson 

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