Sth D's wish for Barnes Dance may be granted in the future

South Dunedin businesses and residents are advocating for a return of the Barnes Dance to Cargill...
South Dunedin businesses and residents are advocating for a return of the Barnes Dance to Cargill's Corner. PHOTO: GERARD O'BRIEN
Why  not here? That's the question South Dunedin businesses and residents have been asking following the return of Barnes Dance intersections to the city centre.

The Dunedin City Council is not discounting the possibility of installing the diagonal crossing method at the intersection of King Edward St and Hillside Rd in the future.

The lack of a Barnes Dance in South Dunedin was regularly brought up by submitters during the hearing on the council's 10-year plan last week.

Before the installation of the two Barnes Dances in the Octagon last month, the last Barnes Dance in Dunedin was in place at Cargill's Corner in the 1980s.

South Dunedin Business Association president Craig Waterhouse said South Dunedin businesses wanted the return of a Barnes Dance to the intersection .

``We would definitely like it back. I think it would markedly improve the traffic in the area, particularly at peak times.''

There had been some excitement about two weeks ago when a control box next to a traffic light on the intersection was replaced, Mr Waterhouse said.

``It could have just been part of general maintenance but we hoped it would be something to do with a Barnes Dance.''

Council transport group manager Richard Saunders said Cargill's Corner was considered to be an intersection where a Barnes Dance might be installed, but was not in the group of eight to be installed first.

The eight crossings, all in the city centre, were related to the proposed bus hub and were upgrades that needed to be made, Mr Saunders said. Once they were installed, the council would look at other intersections in the city.

``We'll assess Cargill's Corner, along with other intersections, to see if a Barnes Dance would be appropriate there.''

The council would announce any further Barnes Dance crossings later this year.

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