McCaw Kiwis' first-choice lunch date

Richie McCaw
Richie McCaw
All Black captain Richie McCaw is the New Zealand celebrity Kiwis would most want to sit down to lunch with, a survey has found.

The online survey of more than 400 people found almost a third of respondents would like to have lunch with McCaw.

Second choice was broadcaster Paul Henry, chosen by 23 per cent of respondents, followed by former model Rachel Hunter on 21.8 per cent, Prime Minister John Key on 15.7 per cent, and reality TV stars Sally and Jaime Ridge on 7.4 per cent.

The survey on New Zealanders' lunchtime habits also suggested people might want to be wary about putting their lunch in the fridge at work.

More than 8 per cent of respondents admitted to taking their colleagues' lunch, with 3.6 per cent doing so regularly because it was "fair game" and 4.6 per cent doing so sometimes when they could not resist.

A quarter said they would not take their colleagues' lunch because there was nothing worth stealing, while two thirds said other people's lunches were sacred.

Half the respondents said they took a half-hour lunch break, followed by 20.2 per cent who left the office only for 15 minutes, 17.1 per cent who took a full hour and 13 per cent who took as long as they could get away with.

Just under a third said they ate lunch at their desks, 35.6 per cent ate at their desks when it was busy, and 34.1 per cent liked to eat away from their desks.

The online survey of 416 people was conducted for Domino's Pizza in November last year.


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