Containers blown into sea in Bluff

A number of containers at South Port in Bluff  were blown off a stack, some falling into the container yard and berth yesterday.

South Port chief executive Nigel Gear said the container terminal was closed until wind conditions improved and could not say how many had fallen.

He said the containers, which were empty, were blown off a five-high stack but by mid afternoon had been "pretty much all secured".

A number of factors could result in containers falling, including wind speed and angle Mr Gear said.

"It doesn't happen often . . . it's not a regular occurrence," he said.

Environment Southland posted on Facebook yesterday, "The weather is a little crazy out there and causing some problems.

"Our harbourmaster is aware of the containers in the water at Bluff and is in contact with South Port who are managing the situation. At this stage, there is no risk to shipping in the area." 

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