'Extraordinary generosity': Building donated for charity hospital

A building has been found - and donated - which will become the base for a Southland Charity Hospital.

The Clifton Club Inn is to be repurposed and turned into a day facility that would initially provide colonoscopies to patients to help cancer sufferers' chances of survival.

Southland Charity Hospital Board chair Dr Murray Pfeiffer said without the donation from the Invercargill Licensing Trust they would have had to raise another $2 million for the community-funded facility.

”We cannot understate the extraordinary generosity of the ILT in making this donation to us.”

“We’re so grateful on behalf of our future patients for this donation.”

The location is in close proximity to Southland Hospital, and ILT chief executive Chris Ramsay said all staff employed there currently would not lose their jobs but would be reassigned roles at other ILT establishments.

Melissa Vining.
Melissa Vining.

Melissa Vining said the hospital would not only be a legacy for her late husband, Blair, but also for all the work that had gone into improving cancer care in New Zealand, which would continue.

“This is a true reflection of our Southland community, and the generosity of Southlanders.”

While there was no definite timeframe for when things would happen, they were working through the concept drawing stage and seeking tradesman to help with the repurposing of the building.

Anyone wanting to volunteer services can head to the Southland Charity Hospital Website.


While this is nice, I don't consider it a good thing, way too often you hear about land and or buildings being donated. it is a very nice gesture but years later there is always one lawyer/person who finds a loop hole and sells the property. Example a waterfront house donated to the WREN's of the NZ Navy to live in, the female ratings on the Navy were no longer called WREN's so they sold the place in the 90's ( yep that loop hole) family got nothing. When it is no longer to be used as a Hospital some one will sell it and the those who donated it or family will get nothing another loop hole.